Bentley Veterinary Practice desires to provide superior, large animal veterinary services at affordable prices, to be easily accessible and available, all the while valuing your animal(s) and you as an individual and client. 

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Bentley Veterinary Practice strives to help you keep your animal health knowledge up-to-date and provide learning opportunities for best management practices. Check our website to stay up-to-date on seasonal group scheduling for routine procedures and other programs that are running.

Regional Discounted Farm Calls.

Southern Dutchess County - Third Monday of every month.

Bentley Veterinary Practice is located in Pine Plains, NY, and serves everything from vocational farmers to gentlemen farmers to back-yard, hobby farmers.  BVP has practice radius of 50 miles, extending through Dutchess County, Putnum County, Ulster County, Greene County Columbia County in New York, Litchfield County in Connecticut and Berkshire County in Massacusetts. 

In March 2014, BVP came into existence when Dr. Angell acquired the large animal division of Pine Plains Veterinary Associates, of which Dr. Hart was a partner. Dr. Angell could not be more excited to continue working together to uphold Dr. Hart's legacy and to build on the foundations which he laid.

Whether your animals are your livelihood, your life's work or your best friends, we are here to help you care for them.

Our Mission