Emergency service

In our desire to serve you, remain affordable, and current, we at Bentley Veterinary Practice offer a Pharmaceutical and Supply Drop-Ship Program. This program represents an efficient avenue for the ordering of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs at significantly reduced costs with free, next-day delivery.*

​ Benefits to You (The Client):
- The Drop-Ship Program offers very competitive pricing compared against leading online websites and common retail stores. - The Drop-Ship Program provides guaranteed next-day delivery for free.*   
- The Drop-Ship Program is one stop shopping, with a huge offering of animal health supplies and a comprehensive inventory of prescription drugs.
- With the Drop-Ship Program there is no need to obtain scripts and keep them up-to-date. We take care of it all for you.

Benefits to Us (Bentley Veterinary Practice):
​- The Drop-Ship Program allows us to maintain a consulting role on purchased drugs and a degree of oversight of prescriptions in our name.

Terms and Conditions:
- In order to enroll, a valid client-veterinary relationship must be established.

- All orders are to be called into Bentley Veterinary Practice at (518)398-5353.  Any
receptionist will be willing to help.

- All orders must be received by 2pm to guarantee next day delivery.

​-  *Orders less than $165.00 will be subject to a $10 shipping charge.
- Payment:

   An on-file, valid credit card number.
   All orders, inquires, and complaints are to be made through Bentley Veterinary Practice, as MWI is a wholesale company. Drugs from the office and truck will not qualify for the reduced pricing available through the Drop-Ship program.


Drop-ship program

Day or night, Bentley Veterinary Practice is here for you. We realize if you are calling us you need help. Our goal is to is let you know help is on the way, show up in a timely manner, and provide the best service we can whatever the situation.  Please, never hesitate to call. After all, this is our job.  

Bentley Veterinary Practice services Dutchess, Columbia, Putnam, Ulster, Greene, Berkshire and Litchfield Counties.  If you are outside these surrounding areas, please feel free to bring your animal to us, or depending of the nature of what you need done, we may be willing to travel further. While we strive to be punctual, please understand that one of the most common phrases we hear is, “While you are here, Doc, can you….”. This phrase and the nature of not knowing the full extent of any call until we show up is what may determine the arrival time at your farm. Our vet vehicles you can be looking for are a silver F250 Ford pickup truck, a black 1500 GMC Sierra and a tan 2500 Chevy Silverado. 

Although we do not have any formal facilities to house and hold your animal(s) onsite, we are more than happy to save you a farm call charge if you can bring your animal(s) to our office. Please be ready and willing for us to perform services in your trailer or in the parking lot. It would be difficult for us to do extensive services in this fashion. However, if your animals need a health paper, disbudding, a hoof trim, etc. we are happy to help.   

Farm Calls